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Volunteer to Lead Workshops, Classes, Etc.

We are looking for qualified, knowledgeable presenters for all Midian-run events. We need workshop presenters, performers, authors, and more. 

We have the following events at this time, each with its own theme/flavor: 
MAY DAY -- general earth-based celebration of Spring
SOUTHERN INDIANA DRUID & HEATHEN EVENT -- Celtic and Norse religion and culture
INDIANA HOMESTEADERS FESTIVAL -- skills-sharing related to homesteading, survivalism, and prepping

WOMEN'S GODDESS RETREAT -- women-centric, Goddess-based retreat to nurture the deep self 

HALLOWS -- harvest and Halloween

YULE -- single-day Winter Solstice celebration

If you would like to present a class, workshop, or ceremoney at one of these events, please submit the form  below. Please be as specific as possible in your application. Your application will be considered and you will be contacted for any further required information.

At this time, we are unable to offer compensation (beyond festival admission), travel, and hotel accommodations to the majority of our presenters. We can, however, offer fully comped festival entrance for any individual who is presenting 2 or more workshops. (Presenting a single workshop/ceremony discounts a single entrance to only $20, which is payable either via PayPal or upon arrival at the festival.) 

Also, every attendee of Midian events is afforded the opportunity to vend, free of charge. If you have books, CD’s, or other merch, please know that you are welcome to sell them at Midian. You can set up a vending booth and/or mention your goods following your presentation.

Please review some of our previous presentations (which are accessible through the individual pages for each event, listed above) for an idea of the content, themes, and presentation format we are considering for this year's festivals.

For full consideration, please copy and paste the information below into an email and send COMPLETE details to admin@campmidian.com. Without all of this information, we are unable to give your presentation proposal proper consideration. 

Presenter Name

Email Address

Short bio (for website and program)

Type of presentation (lecture, demonstration, panel discussion, ceremony, other)

Title of Presentation

Description of presentation

Time required (1 hr, 1.5 hrs, 2 hrs, flexible)

Equipment needs (if any)

Availability (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, AM/PM, ANY)

*Please note that limiting your availability limits us in scheduling your presentation. Speakers who are available for the duration of the event are much more likely to be selected for inclusion. 


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