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2015 Festival Bundle

Last year, we offered a special festival "bundle rate" for our die-hard festival attendees. You've been asking for a 2015 bundle, and we are happy to help!


We want you to come out and be a part of these festivals. Beyond that, Midian wants to show support for these grassroots events (which we know will be really popular fests in the years to come). So ...


2014 Bundle

We're offering a special "Festival Bundle" to help you save money and bring you out to SIX great events. For just $200, you get adult (14 yrs and older) admission to ALL of these festivals in 2015:


May Day - May 1-3


Just a simple look at the math (all but Hogswatch normally cost $50/adult admission; Hogswatch is $25) proves that this is an amazing deal for festival-goers!


The 2015 bundle deal expires July 26, 2015.






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