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Schedule of Events


Friday - October 25, 2019

Grounds not open to the public (including Saturday attendees and barters) on Friday. "Key-Holding" Staff and Directors may  arrive Friday at their convenience for event set-up.


Saturday - October 26, 2019

** Various kids  activities and games will be held throughout the day.

8-10AM Breakfast Break (Kitchen-Vendor not open for business. Pack a lunch!)
10AM-12PM  -- Samhain Traditions -- with Laurelei
12-1PM Lunch Break (Kitchen-Vendor not open for business.)
1-3PM  Workshop TBA
3:30-4:30PM Pumpkin Carving Contest and Crowning Pumpkin King
5PM All fires Lit 
5:30-6PM  Bonfire Lit & Burning of  Pumpkin King
6PM Ancestor Pitch In Feast  (Kitchen-Vendor not open for business. Bring something to share with the community!)
7PM  Community Samhain Ritual at  Main Fire  -- Litany of Dead 
8-9PM  Tricks and Treats for ALL!! Dress up and bring goodies -- or tricksy shenanigans!

9PM+  Bonfire  and Drumming continues


Sunday - October 27, 2019
No formal activities planned "on schedule." 


2pm  Gates Closed


Event Details


Fall Favorites
Pumpkin Carving
Hot cider, Spooky Stories, Marshmallow roast

Saturday Night Ancestor Feast (Pitch-in)

Tricks and Treats for ALL (bring one or the other to share)



Litany of the Dead

Samhain ritual

Community Ancestor Altar (please bring candles, pictures, and other rememberances to share for the weekend)



Samhain Traditions -- with Laurelei Black
Explore a variety of ancestor-honoring practices from the Northern European (and eclectic American) practice. We'll definitely discuss things like masking and costuming, litanies, seances/divination, dumb suppers, carved gourds, etc.  


Please note that the Kitchen-Vendor is not normall open for regular business during Hallows, though she could always decide to make a special offering, at her discretion. We have pitch-in community meals planned for both Friday and Saturday evenings. Bring something to share for these meals, or feel free to make other food plans if you prefer. Please come prepared to feed yourself and those in your care during the rest of the festival.


More is planned for this event if we get enough preregistration and volunteers, so please share our Facebook event page with others who may be interested!




Now Seeking Presenters


Are you interested in presenting a ritual, workshop, or performance at Hallows? Please contact us with the following information:


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