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This year's Indiana Homesteaders Festival will have workshops about sustainability, survival, homesteading, community-building, and self-sufficiency all weekend long! Here are some of the folks who will be presenting this year. Interested in presenting at this event? Click here to submit a presentation proposal.



Brandy Combs


Brandy is a Midian Director and the founder of the Indiana Homesteaders Festival. She is a homeschooling, homesteading woman, living and working on her family's micro-farm in Bedford with her husband, parents, brother, and sons. She is a textile-art enthusiast who can often be found crocheting when she isn't actively teaching her school-age twins or caring for the baby. She loves canning and food storage, gardening and goats, chickens and egg-hatching. Homesteading skills she is hoping to learn include aquaponics and greenhousing. Brandy runs the Midian kitchen, heads up beautification and planting efforts, and is the visionary force behind this festival.

Arianrhod Silverhoof


Arianrhod is a homesteading, goat-loving, gatekeeping, Midian director. She was raised on a farm and brings her knowledge and experience of canning, cooking, cheese-making, and all manner of animal husbandry to the Homesteader community. She is the matriarch of a multi-generational homestead household in Bedford that boasts herself and her husband, both her adult children, son-in-law, and four of her grandsons (ranging in age from infant to twenty-something).  She is an avid proponent of  whole and healthy foods, self-sufficiency, and community-based knowledge sharing. Her family's homestead features a garden, rabbits, goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, guineas, and chickens; and Arianrhod takes a lead in stockpiling, canning, and otherwise storing provisions. She never passes on an opportunity to teach friends and community members what she knows -- taking time to answer questions and even provide demos.

* She would never say so much about herself, and her bio sat blank for the first 3 years of this event. This bio was hijacked and written by her loyal and loving seeing-eye rabbit.



Danielle Follette


Danielle is an environmental scientist graduating with a B.S.E.S. from IUPUI in 2013. Danielle is a master naturalist and master gardener, having avid interest in ecology and ethnobotany. She enjoys spending time in her home garden where she cultivates herbs for medicinal/culinary use, fruits, vegetables and native plants.


 Staff member of Midian, Head of First Aid, mother, and homesteader. Exploring the world of Off Grid living, the legalities, struggles, triumphs and victories of the legal system and off grid living. Learn the Creative Avenues and current topics of today in an open discussion. Also join her in First Aid 101, where you learn how to treat yourself in cases of emergency, what items are always handy, and self sufficient care.


Kim Pennington


Kim Pennington, MBA, Master Herbalist, is an Aroma Therapist, Reiki Master, Holistic Practitioner, Comfort Touch Specialist, Bach Flower Specialist, Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Vibration Specialist, and Wise Woman. Kim has been practicing and studying herbals and energy healing for over 25 years.


Torcyr StormGull


Torcyr is the owner and head artist for Trickster's Leather Works.

Paul Wells


Paul and his forge-partner Alan are Bedford-based blacksmiths, bringing their forge, years of experience, and humor to the Indiana Homesteading Festival community.  -- Brazzier and Black (on facebook)


Lauren has been exploring collective living in urban landscapes and alternative communities for ten years. Her training in primitive arts began in 2009. Rooted in the lineage of Tom Brown Jr. and herbalists across the country, her two primary mentors teach through White Pine Wilderness Academy in Indianapolis. She has completed comprehensive trainings in primitive brain tanning, primitive fire making, stalking, animal tracking, self bow making, throwing sticks & war clubs, High Speed Survivalâ„¢, and many courses on herbal medicine making, foraging/plant ID, & herbal energetics. She lives on, and cultivates an acre of city-gone-wild with 5 - 6 landmates.


Andrew Speer


Drew is our resident "Carpenter-Mystic." He has had a hand in nearly every wooden structure built at Midian, and as a staff member,  he has worked many unseen (and untold) hours on the land to make it more user-friendly.  He enjoys cooking, burning things, and making structures/objects that are both useful and lovely.  His biographer has no idea what qualifies him to teach about navigation (since he didn't provide that info by the deadline), but she trusts in his good sense not to get the class lost on Midian's 25 acres.

Laurelei Black


Laurelei is a Midian Director and a Master Herbalistl. She learned quilting and sewing from her stepmother and grandmothers, and she loves finding clever ways to recycle and upcycle "trash" and scraps into treasures.

Joe Black


Joe is a Midian Director and prepping enthusiast. He is married to a writer (whom he says "gives the truth scope") and he knowingly failed to provide a bio, leaving the task in her hands. Joe is an accomplished festival organizer, former Head Fire Tender (at another event grounds), current Head of Security, and avid online gamer. He has a background as an MP for the Army, PI, and security guard, as well as an extensive IT repertoire. He is an ardent advocate of DIY "gorilla/guerilla" construction, emergency preparedness, martial arts and self-defense, and stockpiling. 



Fern has been employed in greenhouse work for more than 20 years, with lots of hands on experience. She specializes in tropical plants and container growing. She has a strong need to cultivate a sustainable food supply for her family, and is preparing to build a greenhouse in the walipin style so she can grow food year round. She maintains a home garden, of course, and is currently homeschooling two (the twins) of her three sons. Fern is often seen working in the Midian kitchen, adding to the Kidian play area, or engaging the Midian Kidians in a hands-on activity.



Barb is s a professional chef and member of Midian Fyre Trybe. She has 20 years of camping and outdoor cooking experience, in addition to the 17 years she has spent cooking in professional kitchens. She has loved unconventional cooking methods for 20 years, and has even used a pan made out of sticks! 



Garret is Midian's current Head Fire Tender. Along with many other members of Trybe, he has been serving the communal fire for a number of years and has tended fires at other festival grounds throughout Southern Indiana. 



River is a member of Midian's Fyre Trybe. As a staff member on the land, he and his partner Fern have also worked tirelessly to create the Kidian play area.  Shown here incinerating an old dinette set, River reminds us all not to get attached to the "burniture."



Bio coming soon


Now Seeking Presenters


Are you interested in presenting a ritual, workshop, or performance at the Indiana Homesteaders Festival? Please contact us with the following information:


  • the name of the event you want to present at.
  • the name you want to use for yourself in promotional materials for this event.
  • a clear title and short description for each workshop you are offering for this event.
  • an image of yourself or a stand-in graphic if you are concerned about privacy.
  • a brief personal blurb about you for promotional purposes.
  • your availability during the event (approximate arrival and departure) so we know when to schedule you.


Send your information to and an organizer will contact you shortly.


What we are looking for


Some of the things we are hoping to present this year and at future events include:


-Soap making

-Canning, Both cold packing and pressure canning

-Bat, bird and bee husbandry

-Tanning (tawing)




-Wintering plants

-Plant propagation


-Basket making



-Campfire cooking



-Chicken coops

-Chicken keeping

-Pest identification and control

-Urban farming

-Container gardening





-Small cabin construction

-Food preservation

-Cold weather survival

-Methane as a bio-fuel

-Solar paneling

-Wild edibles

-GMO & Heirloom

-What is the grid?

- and MORE in this spirit!


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