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This year's May Day will have workshops and rituals all weekend long! Here are some of the folks who have volunteered to make your May Day entertaining, educational, and awesome. Interested in presenting at this event? Click here to submit a presentation proposal.



Laurelei Black

Laurelei Black


Laurelei walks in many worlds -- the islands of Aphrodite, the hedges of the Traditional Witch, and the misty paths of Avalon (to name a few). She is the author of 12 books and is the proud co-proprietress of Asteria Books and Events.


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Blue Moon Circle

Blue Moon Circle


Blue Moon Circle will be presenting the Main Beltane ritual and Maypole. Our group is an eclectic group that gets together to celebrate the seasons and each other and also learn from each other to help spread the true word that we are ALL heading the same direction just using different lanes to get there. The ritual will be in two parts, first part of ritual and maypole is where we celebrate the unity of the God and the Goddess, second part at main fire that night where we will jump the bale fire.


Kim Pennington


Kim Pennington, MBA, Master Herbalist, is an Aroma Therapist, Reiki Master, Holistic Practitioner, Comfort Touch Specialist, Bach Flower Specialist, Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Vibration Specialist, and Wise Woman. Kim has been practicing and studying herbals and energy healing for over 25 years.


Paul Wells


Paul and his forge-partner Alan are Bedford-based blacksmiths, bringing their forge, years of experience, and humor to the Indiana Homesteading Festival community.  -- Brazzier and Black (on facebook)



Fern has been employed in greenhouse work for more than 20 years, with lots of hands on experience. She specializes in tropical plants and container growing. She has a strong need to cultivate a sustainable food supply for her family, and is preparing to build a greenhouse in the walipin style so she can grow food year round. She maintains a home garden, of course, and is currently homeschooling two (the twins) of her three sons. Fern is often seen working in the Midian kitchen, adding to the Kidian play area, or engaging the Midian Kidians in a hands-on activity.



Bio coming soon.




Bio coming soon




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