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Friday, May 3, 2019

12noon - Gates Open

SILENT AUCTION - Bidding starts as items become available (at Admin booth)

noon - 5pm - Shenanigans and Tomfoolery (and setting up camp)
5pm - RITUAL: Opening Ritual with Jan & Ranson

5pm-7pm - DINNER & FIRE BUILD (Order Dinner By 6:30pm)

7pm - GAMES: Board Games, Card Games

8pm - GAMES: Midian Olympics

9pm - WORKSHOP: Drum & Dance (at Fire)

10pm - Bonfire continues


Saturday, May 4, 2019

9-11am - Breakfast (Order breakfast by 10:30am)

11am - CHILDREN'S ACTIVITY: Rock Painting for the Fairies at Pavilion

NOTE: Kids activities and games are loose and frolicksome this year. Think of them as "pixie-time" with Mardoll and Fern.

12noon - 2pm - LUNCH (order lunch by 1:30pm)

12pm - WORKSHOP: Introduction to Blacksmithing with Paul and Alan (all day)

1pm -  WORKSHOP: Belatine Traiditions ~ with Laurelei

11am - CHILDREN'S ACTIVITY: Treasure Hunt starting at Playground

2pm - Maypole Ritual by Blue Moon Circle

~ Free-Form :: As Time Permits and Interest Grows ~ -  GAMES: Minute to Win It & other Shenanigans

5pm - WORKSHOP: TBA ~ with TBA

5pm-7pm - DINNER & FIRE BUILD (Order Dinner By 6:30pm)

7pm - SILENT AUCTION: Bidding closes (Winners can start paying/claiming items)

8pm - Bonfire Blessing & Ritual by Blue Moon Circle

9pm - WORKSHOP: Drum & Dance (at Fire)

10pm - Bonfire continues


Sunday, May 6, 2018

9-12pm - Breakfast (Order breakfast by 11:30am)

9am - CHILDREN'S ACTIVITY: Games & Pixie-time 

9am - SILENT AUCTION: Pick up items

2pm -  Gates closed




Introduction to Blacksmithing

with Paul and Alan
Head over to the forge to hang out with our resident alchemists ... I mean blacksmiths. They will be pounding iron all day and are happy to answer questions. If you ask nicely, they may even let you try your own hand at the hammer and anvil. 


with TBA

Info coming soon.

Drum and Dance

with Midian Drummers and Dancers
Join us at the bonfire each night just as we are getting started to learn some basic drum rhtyhms from Midian's drummers. Or, if you feel like your rhythm is more in your hips than your hands, join the dancers to learns about bellydancing, fire spinning, hooping, or other dance styles that work well with the nightly beats.



Card/Board Games 

No, these aren't games made of cardboard. (Well, actually, some of them probably are. But that isn't the point.) This is casual game play of board games and card games at the main pavilion. We'll bring some. If you want to bring a favorite to play with your Midian friends, you can, as well. We just ask that games stay intact, get treated with care, get put back in their boxes/bags, and don't leave the pavilion.

Minute to Win It Marathon 

Test of skill and corrdination. Every man, woman, and child for themselves! We'll play as many as we can in an hour.  Prizes for the winners!!


Midian Olympics

Tribes compete in these hilarious games. Pick your team -- Pirates, Ninjas, Goats, or Wolves. Then work together to take the gold! (Yes, prizes here, too.)



Opening Ritual 
with Jan and Ranson

Join us for the first ritual of the year as we welcome the festival season and ask for a blessing on the land and the people.



May Pole Dance

with Blue Moon Circle

What is Beltane without a Maypole? Join us Saturday for an old-fashioned ribbon-weaving dance around the Maypole where we'll celebrate the unity of the God and Goddess!


Bonfire Ritual
with Blue Moon Circle

This ritual is the second part of the Beltane ritual started earlier in the day around the Maypole. Join as at the main fire, where we'll have a smaller balefire intended for jumping! As you dance in the main fire circle that night, you will be blessed and protected by passing between the two sacred fires.




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