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Schedule of Events


We will be creating our official schedule as we get closer to the event. For now, check back here to see updated information about the workshops, rituals, and performances we'll be offering.

Gates open at noon on Saturday. All workshops and rituals are happening on a loose schedule beginning at 1pm Saturday and continuing through the night. Gates will close no later than 2pm on Sunday.

We feature a pitch-in feast beginning at 5pm. We have outlets for crockpots and hot plates, so feel free to bring something warm to share through the night!




Yule Celebration 2016 is cancelled. Stay safe and warm at your hearth and have a bright and blessed Yule!



To be announced






Now Seeking Presenters


Are you interested in presenting a ritual, workshop, or performance at Yule? Please contact us with the following information:


  • the name of the event you want to present at.
  • the name you want to use for yourself in promotional materials for this event.
  • a clear title and short description for each workshop, ritual, or performance you are offering for this event.
  • an image of yourself or a stand-in graphic if you are concerned about privacy.
  • a brief personal blurb about you for promotional purposes.
  • your availability during the event (approximate arrival and departure) so we know when to schedule you.


Send your information to laurelei@campmidian.com and an organizer will contact you shortly.


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