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Rules and Regulations

Local Laws
Midian is a privately-run event venue that obeys all local ordinances and laws. Firearms, illegal drugs, or alcoholic beverages not intended for personal consumption are not permitted. Sexual Harassment and Misconduct will not be tolerated. Any violation of the law will be reported to the police.


Midian is open to all races, genders, sexual orientations, lifestyles and spiritual paths. Anyone heard or seen engaging in hurtful racism, sexism, genderism, ageism, hetroism, religious intolerance, or any other prejudiced behavior will not be tolerated.


All visitors to Midian must sign a waiver. Waivers are available at the front gate. Other festivals may have additional rules, regulations and waivers.


Outside Misconduct
Midian keeps in close contact with other regional and national venues. Being banned from any of these other venues may affect your future admittance to Midian. Midian will review these instances on a case-by-case basis. However, all bans due to sexual misconduct will translate into refusal to admittance to Midian.


Hunting, Fishing, Foraging & Planting
No hunting/fishing/foraging is allowed on the grounds without prior approval of Midian staff. Please ask permission before harvesting or planting at Midian. Even well-intentioned unapproved plantings can endanger the ecology of Midian.


Trash and Glass
Keep your camp area cleared of trash and clutter. No cigarette butts or other debris is to be tossed on any part of the grounds. Glass is not allowed at the main fire. Please decant all beverages you will be bringing to the main fire into plastic containers.


Garbage Removal
Plan to remove all of your own trash from your campsite when you leave Midian. We strongly encourage you to bring a majority of what will become trash in paper form as this can be burned on site. Personal garbage removal is required.


Photography and Fliming
Photography and filming are permitted only if prior permission is requested of anyone whose photo you may be taking. This includes individuals in the background area of your shot. Failure to comply with these rules will cause security staff to enforce destruction of all film or digital files on your camera device, and may result in removal from Midian. That said, we do encourage photography at Midian, however, we highly encourage getting written consent from any individuals in a picture or film prior to distributing it.


Creek Rules
Wading and swimming in the creek is at your own risk. You must wear a suit or clothing at all times while in the creek. No minors (under the age of 18) are allowed in the creek without direct supervision of an adult.


Climbing on the rock walls is not permitted to any adult or child at Midian.


Fire Tending
The fire tenders around the main fire are trained and authorized by Midian to work with the main bonfire. Unless you are an authorized fire tender, please keep a safe distance from the bonfire. Only approved Midian fire tenders may handle fire wood or fire tending of the main bonfire.


Reservation of Admittance
Midian reserves the right to refuse or revoke admittance to anyone at anytime without a refund.


Etiquette and Culture of Midian

Personal Responsibility
Be responsible for you own welfare and for the welfare of those in your charge while at Midian. All attendees are held responsible for their own behavior. Midian will not be held liable for personal loss or injuries while attending the festival.


Personal Welfare
Most of the festival season is very warm. Please be sure to drink plenty of water, and wear sunscreen. Also, please take precautions against poison ivy, poisonous snakes, and insects, including mosquitoes, ticks, and stinging insects. Remember, you are in the woods! Keep foodstuffs contained and sealed up to eliminate wildlife raids.


Children are welcome at Midian. Please keep in mind that minors are always the responsibility of their parent or guardian while at Midian. Children age 7 and under must be in eyesight of a parent/guardian at all times. Children age 17 and under will be required to wear a bracelet with their parent’s/guardian’s name, as well as their age. Children should not be left to wander unattended or unsupervised. Children caught breaking the rules or engaged in unsafe activities will have their bracelets initialed and taken back to their parents/guardians for a warning (under whose direct supervision they will remain until the end of the event). In the event of a second infraction by the child or guardian, Midian staff will ask the family to leave the property for the remainder of the event. All children are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with all guidelines set forth. Failure to do so could result in dismissal from the festival without refund.


Only service animals (with current documentation and shot record) are permitted at Midian-sponsored events. (Please bring this documentation with you for verification by gate staff.) During work weekends, animals are permitted as long as they are leashed, controlled by a responsible adult, and kept away from the main fire and food areas. In all cases, pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animals. In the event that the pet policies are not followed, owners will be given 1 warning by Midian staff. If a second infraction occurs, the pet and owner will be asked to leave the land immediately, and only the owner will be welcome to return.


Drum Etiquette
Please be respectful of other people's items, especially drums and other instruments around the main fire. Please do not play other people's drums without permission, and do not set items on drums. Drums are not tables, and can be damaged by pressure, moisture, and rough objects. Drumming is allowed at all hours during a festival, provided it does not interfere with a scheduled event, like a quiet ritual. Please check with festival organizers if you are unclear on when drumming is appropriate.


Alcoholic Consumption
Alcohol is allowed at the main fire, unless otherwise stated on a festival website. We ask that you please drink responsibly and in moderation. Drinks are often shared around the fire. If you are the parent of an underage child it is your responsibility to ensure that they do not consume alcoholic beverages while at Midian.


Clothing Optional
Midian is committed to gender equality in all aspects, including in clothing choices. Both women and men (over the age of 18) may be topless at most Midian events. (Yellow light)
Some events and programming are offered that is specifically family-oriented and involves no nudity whatsoever. (Red light)
Certain festivals are adult in nature (both theme and content), open only to those who are 21 and over, and are entirely clothing optional.(Green light)
At no time are children 17 and under permitted to be nude (outside of their tent or rinse station stall) at Midian.
Please remember that nudity is not an invitation to touch, nor does it imply consent in any way. Please be courteous and respectful of other people's space. Harassment will not be tolerated.


Choosing a Campsite
Camping is permitted in nearly any suitable location throughout Midian except for those areas specifically designated for vendors, area deemed unsuitable by management (such as those under construction) or where your campsite would be an obvious obstruction (in the middle of the road, or right in front of the main stage would be a bad idea). Also, please avoid setting up camp where it would block access to any of the shrines around Midian. If you require electricity for a medical condition you will also be limited to a few campsites with power hookups. Please let the staff know if this is the case. Because Midian is a reclaimed limestone rock quarry there is very little topsoil for driving tent stakes into. Alternate methods of securing your shelter (ropes to trees, weights, etc.) are recommended.


Active Areas
Please keep in mind that not all attendees of the festival will keep the same hours as you! We strongly suggest that you plan your campsite according to your sleeping habits.


Shrines, Circles, Campsites
Midian hopes to encourage attendees and staff to create sacred spaces and to feel a personal connection with the land. All sacred spaces will be treated with respect and left as they were built (unless they infringe upon camping availability or safety). Temporary altars and shrines that can be removed at the end of an event are always welcome and need no staff approval. Attendees may clear and beautify campsites for their own use with the understanding that Midian staff cannot guarantee your exclusive use of that space. Development of permanent sacred spaces (those that modify the land and/or cannot be removed easily) must be proposed to and approved by the Board of Directors beforehand.


There are campsite firepits available at Midian. Please do not create a new firepit without prior permission from Midian staff. If you arrive early to a Midian event there is a very good chance that you will have access to a firepit at your campsite. If you are arriving to an event later you may still have access to the firepits, but may need to share with other later arrivals.



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